Teaming strategy
Bots tend to play like a #1 SFer with a broken space bar. When they get breakers, they seem to use them very efficiently, but they also play really slow. The only thing you need to know based off this, is that the more stuff on their screen when they clear, the more its gonna hurt. To stop this, its much more important to kill the bots that are near dead, than to stay teaming in 2s and 3s. And remember just because your combo will might kill a bot with no damage, that bot is no threat to attack right now, its often better to hit one with a half screen or so. Hit a bot that you are 100% sure will die, rather than risk getting your combo returned right back to you, in addition to the bot with a half screen that can now clear, that you should have killed instead. Oh, and there are very very few situations where stalling helps, so to make it simpler, don't stall. Ever.
Source, Tzz