1. Try to have a few hours to dedicate to poker, this way when you get lucky you know that you are going to get it back later and won't feel bad, assuming you can play well.
2. Multitask when you play poker so that you aren't sitting there with nothing to do when you aren't hitting.
3. Talk to a friend while you are playing so that you can vent any frustration if you get unlucky, to prevent you getting bored and to add some embaressment if you do badly so that you are encouraged to not be reckless.
The importance of aggression cannot be stated strongly enough. Aggression is one of the basic traits that separate the winners from the losers at the poker tables. By being aggressive, you get more money from your good hands, lose less money with your bad hands and maintain a more unpredictable style. Being an aggressive poker player does not mean beating your opponents to death with bet after bet and raise after raise. Smart aggression in poker means that you tend to play hands hard or not at all. The aggressive poker playerís mantra is that ďif itís not strong enough to raise with, itís not strong enough to play.Ē
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10 Beginner tips
1. Don't play too many hands, hand selection guide
2. Don't bluff too much
3. Think about your opponent's cards
4. Play against players worse than you
5. Think about your position
6. Pay attention to the game
7. Don't jump in at the high limits
8. Don't pay too much for draws
9. Suited cards aren't that great
10. Know the rules
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Heads up vs rakea (4 videos)

Bluffing (6 videos)

Bluffing0-Ace High Call (6:39)
A series of videos on how to bluff in poker, examples taken from the cairna heads up video

Other (8 videos)

2k Table (5:19)
Playing a very simple strategy on a 200-2000 table
5-Max Table (18:47)
A quite recent game playing on a 5-max table, no narration. Good example of maximizing how much poe you can get from hits.
Heads Up - Cairna (58:23)
A heads up match with cairna, examples used in the bluffing tutorials. Neither player was playing at their best and I make alot of mistakes. Has been commented on as the best to watch of all the heads up videos.
Heads Up - Rakea (1) (50:05)
First of two heads up matches with rakea
Maniac 6max (19:03)
Tightening up to deal with a table of maniacs
Multi tabling (49:43)
Playing three 10max tables